Teaching Jobs In The Caribbean

Each Island has it's own story to tell, each rich with history, tradition and beautiful landscapes. Once you've experienced one island getaway you'll want to experience all of the Caribbean. Included in this dream are endless beaches, rain forests, volcanic peaks, palm trees and an amazing multi-hued sea. We are providing you with quick country introductions for each location. Don't expect to become rich while working in the Caribbean. However, if you want to live and work where most other people spend their dream vacation - this is your place to be. We are associated with dozens of schools on the islands that offer teaching jobs to foreign professionals all year round

  • Teaching Jobs in Antigua & Barbuda

    Teach English in Antigua and Barbuda: The nation of Antigua and Barbuda consists of two islands located in the Caribbean Sea. Christopher Columbus sighted Antigua in 1493 and gave it its original name, Santa María de la Antigua. Spanish, French, British, and Dutch colonizers avoided Antigua and Barbuda.

  • Teaching Jobs in the Bahamas

    Teach English in the Bahamas: Scattered like dabs of possibility on an adventurer’s palette, the Bahamas are ready-made for exploration. Just ask Christopher Columbus, he bumped against these limestone landscapes in 1492 and changed the course of history.

  • Teaching Jobs in the Dominican

    Teach English in the Dominican Republic: Much more than beach resorts, this is one of the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse countries, from stunning mountain scenery to desert scrublands, not to mention an evocative colonial architecture and warm welcoming people.

  • Teaching Jobs in Guadeloupe

    Teach English in Guadeloupe: Guadeloupe mixes the best of France – a fully modern infrastructure and fantastic food – with a local culture that people here are proud of and want to share. Guadeloupe’s two main islands look like the wings of a butterfly and are joined together by a mangrove swamp.

  • Teaching Jobs in Jamaica

    Teach English in Jamaica: Despite its location almost smack in the center of the Caribbean Sea, the island of Jamaica doesn’t blend in easily with the rest of the Caribbean archipelago. To be sure, it boasts the same addictive sun rays, sugary sands and pampered resort-life as most of the other islands, but it is also set apart historically and culturally.

  • Teaching Jobs in Puerto Rico

    Teach English in Puerto Rico: Welcome to Puerto Rico: endless sand, swashbuckling history lessons and wildly diverse tropical terrain. The sun-washed backyard of the USA is a place locals fittingly call the 'Island of enchantment'. Find a list of our up-to-date job listings in Puerto Rico below.

  • Teaching Jobs in Trinidad & Tobago

    While Trinidad booms with industry and parties all night, tiny Tobago (just 42km across) slouches in a deck chair with a beer in hand watching its crystalline waters shimmer in the sun

  • Teaching Jobs in the Virgin Islands

    Teach English in the Virgin Islands: What happens when steady trade winds meet an island-flecked channel with tame currents and hundreds of protected, salt-rimmed bays? Every mariner worth his sea salt sails there – which is how the British Virgin Islands became a sailing fantasyland.