Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which locations have the best paying jobs ?

Typically, schools in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and the U.A.E. pay the most and usually offer very high salaries, tax free. However, it should also be noted that the qualification requirements in these locations are very high. Most schools in Europe will pay English teachers enough to live comfortably, but not always enough to save money. Click Here to check out the Top 10 best paid teaching locations

Question: Do I get to choose my desired teaching location ?

Yes. However, please keep in mind that it is advidable to have more than just one country preference. Because we have an extensive network of associated schools, we pride ourselves on having teaching positions available all year round. However, there may not always be positions available in every location at all times of the year. We do not accept or publish any sort of online teaching jobs

Question: How long will it take to get a teaching job?

There is no general answer to that question - It can take anywhere from a few days to several month, depending on the time of your application and your country preference. It also depends on following factors: 1) the deadline for incoming applications which is set by schools, 2) your educational background, qualifications, experience 3) the total amount of teaching positions you apply for

Question: How long is a typical teaching commitment?

Most schools will want you to commit a minimum of 6 months or even 12 months with the option of staying longer and to renew your teaching contract with them. Employers like to avoid turnover so in many cases, the longer you stay, the better pay and more benefits you will receive. You can expect a salary increase of approximately 10-20 percent after about a year in the same school. However, the contract duration varies from school to school

Question: What are the best places to teach abroad?

While the U.A.E. and Spain still remain in our top 10 list of the best places to teach abroad, we also noticed several new locations popping up. Especially countries in South America have become more and more popular due to the relatively easy process to obtain work permits for foreigners and the general improvement in "life quality" that is often described by ESL professionals who have taught there in the past

Question: Can I teach short term / summer programs?

Yes. We have summer programs and short term teaching positions available that are ideal for teachers and students who want to have an amazing cultural experience abroad during their summer break or while taking a few months off to travel. A lot of schools offer short term teaching contracts for 3-months which seems to be just about the right amount of time to "get to know each other" better for both teachers and schools

Question: How does the typical job interview and hiring process look like?

The first step is to apply online and if a school is interested, you will either interview by phone or directly at the school if you already happen to be nearby. Some schools also require the Teacher to fill out some sort of questionnaire which is part of their application and hiring process. A high number of schools will invite you for Skype interviews in these modern days to get to know you a little better before offering you a teaching job

Question: Will I be able to finance myself abroad?

This depends greatly on your life-style and of course the location in which you are teaching. Generally, you should be able to live comfortably on your salary, and maybe even save some money, especially if the organization subsidizes housing. If you are able to obtain a teaching position in countries such as Saudi Arabia or the U.A.E. you should be able to save at least 50 percent of your salary, with some Teachers being able to save even more money

Question: I want to subscribe to your newsletter - How do I go about that?

At this time, we have a network of over 1600+ registered schools who are actively searching for English teachers. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive automated email updates when new teaching jobs pop up in your preferred location and to find useful information about new teaching locations. Typically, Newsletters are sent out once or twice per month. Click Here if you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe our newsletter

Question: Do I have to sign a contract with the school?

A contract makes sure there are no surprises later on so it would be to your benefit to have one- Every teaching contract includes the number of guaranteed hours, amount and frequency of pay, length of service, hours the teachers must be available to teach, whether teachers can teach classes outside of the school, and conditions under which the contract can be broken

Question: I'm a non-native Speaker, can I still teach?

Yes of course - Some schools require you to hold a passport from either the US, Canada, Australia, NZ, SA, or the U.K. - And while most countries prefer native speakers of the English language, there are still many opportunities to teach abroad as long as you are fluent in the English language. Click Here to find a list of countries where you don't necesarily have to be a native English speaker

Question: How about getting a work visa / work permit?

The work visa or work permit process varies from country to country and must be discussed directly with employers. While it is easier in Asian and Latin American countries to obtain a work permit, the harder it can be in some European countries with some schools only accepting teachers from the EU. First of all you will need a valid work contract in order to apply for a work permit / visa

Question: Are all job openings on your site up-to-date?

Approx. 90-95% of all TEFL job openings are up-to-date and every effort is made to ensure that the information on the site is current. However, there is obviously no way to guarantee that all jobs are up-to-date for the simple reason being that some schools forget to delete their existing job openings with us. To avoid outdated teaching job openings as much as possible, we contact schools regularly and remind them to either update or delete their existing teaching job openings on our website

Question: Do I need a degree to teach abroad?

Not necessarily. It is recommended to have some sort of college degree- Even though it is not a requirement. The majority of schools around the world prefer that you have a college degree. In most locations it is a requirement in order to receive a work visa. However, in some places, teachers without degrees can qualify to teach. Click Here to find a list of places where you can teach without a College or University degree. You can also contact our team for more details regarding qualifications

Question: For Employers - How to post TEFL jobs - Advertise with us?

The first step is to become a registered employer with us - Click Here to register. The registration process can take several days and the more details about your school you provide us with the quicker is the registration procedure. Once successfully registered, you wil receive your login details via email which allows you to post, update, and delete your available TEFL job openings. If you are interested to advertise with us please click Here for more information

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