Premium Tools

Boost your job search with our Premium job search tools for ESL Teachers - Use the most efficient job search tools available on the web today and secure a teaching position abroad as easy as 1-2-3 - Finding a well paid teaching position in your favorite location has never been easier

Unlimited Applications

Send unlimited Premium applications to schools of your choice - Your 10-digit Premium password allows you to apply for as many teaching positions as you want. Many schools post their available openings exclusively with us, and you get instant access to hundreds of paid ESL jobs

Priority Handling

Priority handling of your application - Statistics show that the vast majority of schools handle Premium applications with priority and generally review them before other applications. Premium applications will boost your job search and give you an additional advantage

More Attachments

Attach up to five documents (e.g. your teacher resume, cover letter, letter of recommendation, degree copies, etc.) to your premium applications and significantly increase your chances of finding paid employment in your preferred teaching location

Personal Messages

This new feature allows you to send personal messages to employers and you'll receive instant application confirmation messages to check if your online job applications have been successfully sent to the schools

Encrypted Transmission

Encrypted SSL transmission of your applications - Your applications (and attached documents) will be sent anonymously and can only be seen by schools, no data is stored, neither about the sender nor about the recipient

Advanced Resume Upload

Use the advanced resume upload tool in the Premium login area to make yourself instantly available to 1600+ schools that are actively searching for ESL Teachers. Compared to the free resume upload tool, you can choose multiple countries instead of just one location

Bonus Teacher Guidebook

You receive our guidebook for English teachers with 274 pages containing hundreds of hours of extensive research packed into just one eBook. All the dos and don'ts about teaching English abroad, including salary and work permit infos for the 100 most popular teaching destinations

Search School Directory

Access to our comprehensive school directory for ESL Teachers - Full access to our Premium login area with contact details and website addresses from 1000's of private language schools, international schools, and Universities in 70+ countries around the world

No Memberships, No Recurring Fees

For a one-time payment you can use all Premium job search tools - You can buy a Premium password which is valid for 6 months or 12 months and you'll instantly receive it by email to get started. There are no memberships, no recurring fees, and no other costs

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